Advice for Dusting Your Entertainment Systems

Failing to dust your home entertainment system is an almost surefire way to decrease the life of your devices significantly. Oftentimes this is something that most people don’t think about.

Dust particles gravitate to electronic devices and love to infiltrate the insides of your Blu-ray player or television, inevitably increasing the chances of your electronic devices failing prematurely.

Thankfully, however, the process to avoid this from happening is extremely easy, and with a few tips completely fool proof.

Dusting Frequency

Most people will want to dust their home entertainment systems biweekly, although families that have allergy sufferers may want to dust weekly. Electronic devices can be magnets for dust.

First, because they often contain literal magnets which ionize or attract small particles like dust very easily.

Second, many electronics have internal fans designed to suck in cool external air and push out hot internal air. If there is any dust around, it will get swept into your electronics during this process and over time could accumulate to the point where it malfunctions your device.

Due to the aforementioned fan-based nature of most electronic devices I like to take a can of air and blow out the inside of components like my television, BluRay player and Xbox 360 at least once a month.

You can pick up a can for less than $8 at Best Buy or any Office Supply store. A can should last you up to a good 6 months depending on how many devices you have in your Home Entertainment setup and is worth every penny of the investment in the longevity it brings to your devices.

Dusting Tips

When it comes to dusting your electronics I have found a way to make the process brain dead simple. Take the dryer sheets that you put in with your laundry to help your clothes smell nice and save them after every load of laundry.

Viola you now have an ionized fabric that you can use to dust off any electronic component with ease. There are a lot of expensive towels and similar products that you can buy that advertise to do the same exact thing, your dryer cloth is no different. If you are simply dusting, this same cloth can be used to dust your LCD television screen as well.

Cleaning A Screen

If you haven’t been diligent with your dusting or have dirt on your screen or TV that won’t come off with a dry cloth then you have a few different options. Again, at Best Buy or any Office Supply store you can purchase specialty screen cleaning wipes that should be safe for your screen.

You always want to test these on a small surface of your screen first though to make sure as their safety comes with a definitive “should be” attached to the label. The reason why is because these expensive wipes are nothing more than rubbing alcohol and an ionized non abrasive cloth material like your dryer cloths.

Doing the same process yourself saves a considerable amount of money and at least with every product I have seen is literally the exact same thing.