About Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

The Honda EU2000i supplies 2000 watts of mobile power and represents among the leading inverter generator models available on the marketplace. With a light, compact design, this flexible generator supplies simple portability for camping out, diversion and home backup power.

With an extremely low 53 to 59dB noise level, this generator is super quiet, which makes it a superior choice virtually everywhere. In addition, it features special sound dampening components and Honda exclusive Eco Throttle system to reduce the noise level by not demanding the engine to operate at full speed continuously. The generator is the ultimate lightweight power answer as it weighs less than 47 pounds.

The integrated handle makes the generator suitable to carry. Also, the compact size perfectly fits in your vehicle, truck, boat, RV or camper, which makes this flexible inverter generator the perfect tag along. Equipped with Honda exclusive Eco Throttle System, the generator runs up to 9.6 hours on significantly less than one gallon of fuel – perfect for maintaining overnight power. Eco Throttle enables the generator’s engine to mechanically adjust the engine speed to generate only the power required for the application in use and can help to reduce exhaust emissions. When linked with another Honda EU2000i Companion lightweight inverter generator utilizing a parallel kit, the machines offers up to 4000 Watts of power without to trade up for a bigger, heavier generator.

There are numerous features that makes this mobile generator very appropriate to have around the home or carry it around to meet other powering needs. The Honda EU2000i will offer a steady flow of power to keep the devices running correctly. It comes along with a safety system that switches off the engine when oil reaches an extremely low level that could harm the device. The microprocessor controls the procedures of all very sensitive electronics.